Faculty Mentoring and Advising

Young faculty members do not receive training in their Ph.D. programs to prepare them for the skills they must have to be successful faculty members in a research university. Developing goals, remaining focused on important activities, obtaining a mentor, and understanding the priorities needed to move from Assistant to Associate Professor are factors often overlooked until a young faculty member’s 4th or 5th year on the faculty. Often, early mistakes cannot be corrected and may result in denial of tenure. Being in close communication with one's Chair is an important factor in establishing a young faculty member's career. Focus on the important goals for tenure ... those things that will be considered during tenure review ... is a must for all beginning faculty members. In a research university, establishing a research program is paramount to success. All of these things must be brought into balance with personal obligations such as family.

A Faculty Career Development Workshop can be a useful tool for providing young faculty members with a place to discuss their own issues and to provide the information needed to help them launch a successful career in an academic environment where research productivity is expected.

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